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5 Best Features of LG G Flex 2

These are the LG G Flex 2 best features that end users might not know existed brought to you by you Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team.

lg g glex 2


Maybe the best thing about the LG G Flex 2 is its beautiful curved display and body. It makes the phone easier to pick up. Easier to hold. Easier to use during calls because it hugs the user’s face; with the headpiece and microphone closer to the ears and mouth. Stylish and very amazing.


The LG G Flex 2 have a very good image stabilization using its floating lens. It enables the camera to focus faster and perform far better in low light situations. This results to sharper images with less blur.


The LG G Flex 2 lets you take selfie shots just by making specific hand gestures which the software translates to commands. Make a fist and the camera counts down from 3 and gets a shot. Tilt the phone forward and you will see the last photo you just took. Genius.


The keyboard on the LG G Flex 2 can be resized and modified depending on the level of usability the user requires. It also have a very smart auto correct and suggestions which makes typing and editing text messages and posts easier to do on the Full HD display.


The LG Tone Infinim is a wireless earphones that makes the LG G Flex 2 more usable as a media player. With the fashionable form factor and the quality of the Harman/Kardon drivers, the LG Tone Infinim is a perfect companion to the LG G Flex 2.

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