List of iPhone X’s new gestures and key combinations

With all screen-based interaction with the iPhone X, a lot of what the home button used to do are now converted to gestures, even turning the phone off and hard rebooting are changed.

Tap to wake screen up

A staple for Android smartphones, a first for Apple. Just tap the screen even when it’s locked to turn on the display. 

Unlocking using Face ID

If you’ve set up your iPhone X to unlock using your face, then just face the display so the 3D sensor can read your face and unlock it. You’d still to swipe up to get to the homescreen though.

Go home

Going home is done by just swiping up from the home bar.

Go to multitasking

Just swipe up then flick to right like making a letter “r” to access multitasking.

Closing an app in multitasking

Tap and hold the app you want to close then swipe up to close it completely. Alternatively, you can tap the minus sign on the top left of the app card to do the same job.

Switch between apps

A new gesture is by swiping along the home bar to switch between open apps in the multitasking.

Exit editor mode

If you customized your homescreen, exiting the editor mode is just a swipe up.

Going to quick settings

Swipe from the top right of the notch to access your quick settings.

View notification

Swipe down from any part of the notch.

Accessing Siri

Press and hold the side button.

Using Apple Pay

Double press the side button.

Making a screenshot

Press the side button then the volume up button. It can be you press the volume up button first, then the power button. Pressing them simultaneously also works.

Shutting down

Press the side button and the volume down button.


Swipe down from the top part of the home bar.

Hard reboot

Press volume up then volume down. Hold volume down while pressing the side button.

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