More iPhone 7 User Upgrades This Year

The iPhone 6 era for Apple is not so good with a flat sales and not perceivable growth, but analysts are confident that the iPhone 7 upgrades will increase.

iphone 7 upgrades

The iPhone 6 bares not much notable upgrades from the iPhone 5s. Thus, giving Apple a very poor report performance in the duration of its manufacturing. But according to research and survey, it might be changed in the release of the iPhone 7. More users will be willing to upgrade from older models to get the latest and greatest iPhone.

That is according to Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst. From a 400 base user sample size surveyed:

  • 15% – planned upgrades to iPhone 7

  • 29% – considers an upgrade to iPhone 7

  • 67.3% – will have expired 2-year contracts from their mobile plans

All users are all from the US. Though this may be good news for Apple, it is still speculative and the 12% percent annual growth is yet to be enjoyed by the company that has a plateau performance on the previous device generation.