Google’s Smartwatches Angelfish & Swordfish Leaked Renders

Google is facing the competition this time using their very own hardware. Meet Angelfish and Swordfish in very detailed render. Will it be better?

angelfish and swordfish

The Android Wear may not be as ground-breaking mania as expected by Google, this is not stopping the tech giant to take on the competition with the likes of Motorola and LG in the smartwatch game. With the upcoming release of Android Wear 2.0, comes a very good peak of the very first smartwatches that Google will manufacture themselves. These are leaked renders, but it is as close to feasible final product based on the design.

Meet Angelfish and Swordfish. These are the codenames for the different variants of Google smartwatches.

The renders are actually not what was originally leaked, but instead recreations with minor changes in order to protect the anonymity of the source. The recreations are claimed to be very close to accurate and at the left we can see Angelfish, which is rumored to be the LTE-capable smartwatch with extra buttons, and the smaller watch at the right is Swordfish, the typical Android Wear offering. The source claims that Google’s MODE watch bands might not be compatible given the curves of the chassis between the watch lugs, but it could also be the case that this is just a design element that is flat within.

If these renders proceed to production and actually become final consumer products, this will be mark of Google\’s first attempts of optimizing Android Wear 2.0 using their very own hardware and design. Much like what Apple do with their devices.