Great Refurbished Moto 360 Deals on Ebay

The first version on the Android Wear may have been longing for a new revamp, but the Moto 360 hardware is still hard to resist especially on a discount.

moto 260 ebay deals

Android Wear software may not be on a good start but Android Wear hardware keeps a high standard of build quality on a very steep price. With updates coming just around the corner for Android Wear 2.0, the tech market can\’t deny the fact that the Moto 360 is one of the favorites from Android Wear\’s first generation. Would people buy it on a high price tag, yes. Would they buy it on a discount, definitely.

A trusted eBay seller has just posted the Moto 360 in its second generation for a crazy $159.99 in both women and men variants. The women model is the Rose Gold with brushed leather, and the male model is the Black variant with black leather. These are manufacturer refurbished units used for demos in stores and conventions. The seller guarantees that the cosmetic and functional quality of these products is of the highest grade.

With a 50% discount, it really is one great deal not to be missed.