The Chrome logo dominating the entire side of the older Chromecast is now gone? Why? Maybe cause it looks like Beats logo more than anything. Right?


Google has finally ditched the Chrome logo and replaced it with a simple G emblem right up front. The existing ads are all saying that it is and rumors in the past are validating this claim. Now it’s official. The $69 Chromecast Ultra in photos from VentureBeat and Evan Blass shows a very minimalist logo design for the must-have device to cast content to your TV.

Comparing it to previous models of Chromecasts and it’s not that much different. It’s a dongle with a built-in HDMI connector. New versions have improvements included with each dongle: it can stream up to HD content and the rumored Ultra has 4K capabilities.

Here’s the thing, though: the Chrome logo is lacking on the product, trading it in for the “G” in rather minimalist terms. Firmware version 1.21, which is going out to preview testers now, takes every instance of the Chrome logo out of the interface in favor of said “G”.

To be honest, most reviewers mistakenly see the Chrome logo as the Beats logo. Maybe that’s why.

Now, tell me. It looks like a Beats logo, isn’t it?

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