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OnePlus: What are the common issues with OnePlus 3T

If you own a OnePlus 3T, you’ll know that the Oreo update brought about a plethora of problems that somehow makes you wonder: does it need a replacement?

There are some problems that don’t have a workaround available. If the issue is software-based, the only option is to wait for an update to fix it, but if the problem is hardware related, the only choice here is to pick up a replacement. Some of these issues are listed below:

  • Camera settings not being saved: Some users have found that after changing some settings in the camera app, these changes revert to default the next time the app is opened. Not surprisingly, people would rather have the settings that have been made to be saved.

  • Random reboots: A lot of OnePlus 3T owners have complained about the device randomly rebooting. You can check if a rogue app is the cause for concern by booting into Safe Mode, but this is otherwise something that will likely only be addressed in a future software update.

  • Chromecast mirroring not working: While users are able to cast apps like Netflix and Spotify, complete device mirroring doesn’t work.

  • Touchscreen latency issues: An issue that has been noticed by many has to do with touchscreen latency. OnePlus has acknowledged the problem, and a fix will be made available in an upcoming software update.

  • Yellow or blue tint and spots on the display: A few users have noticed a yellow or blue tint on the display, with there being some bright spots on the screen as well. In this case, the only option will be to pick up a replacement.

  • Headphone microphone issues: A lot of users have noticed that the mic that is built-in to their headset tends to mute randomly during a call. This seems to mostly happen when the display turns off while the headphones are plugged in.


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