PlayStation VR’s awesome Drive Club VR gameplay

It’s just a matter of time before PlayStation VR ultimately own the gaming for virtual reality. This New Drive Club VR gameplay is proof that the headset and platform is ready.

drive clup psvr gameplay

Developer Evolution Studios will release the Drive Club VR for the PlayStation 4 within this year. The new gameplay was a proof how responsive the game using the new PlayStation VR headset. With it’s amazing graphics and playability, it is definitely the most awaited virtual reality game regardless which platform would land on first.

The PSVR or the PlayStation VR headset is gonna be used for the PlayStation 4 and is gonna be out with the same date as the Drive Club VR will be. The demo at Gamescom in Cologne was one of the major show of showcasing the PlayStation Neo. This was an opportunity for Sony to show people what they can offer in terms of virtual reality gaming is concerned.

On a very stark discovery, however, the Drive Club VR will be exclusive for PSVR. And with it, Sony also showed one of its latest force feedback steering wheel to give a more realistic feel of what it’d be like driving a race car. This simulation controller had many positive feedbacks from various reviewers who also tried to use the new interface device. They’d go as far to say that it is the most immersive racing game to be played in VR yet. Even much better compared to Project Cars and Assetto Corsa. Corsa have been a very demanding game to play which requires more powerful hardware and headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The Drive Club VR, according to Evolution Studios, have undergone some major changes in terms of frame rates in order to appear smoother with the PS4. It natively ran in its original version around 30fps. The PSVR on the other hand have a baseline reprojection of 120fps. The video was a testament that the game seems to have achieved what it needed to accomplish in order to become a more compelling option for a racing game in virtual reality.

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