Acer Liquid Leap is a gamer’s smartwatch

Razer may have had a short fling with the smartwatch for gamers but now Acer is taking its turn to make it more mainstream. Will it work?

acer liquid leap

Acer won\’t just settle to be a PC and smartphone manufacturer. According to Digitimes, the company is preparing some surprises with products they have never manufactured or marketed before: a smartwatch. A gamer smartwatch to be exact. The Liquid Leap.

In fact, the company confirmed that on IFA 2016 exhibits, they are going to introduce a new and exciting lineup for the holiday seasons. IFA 2016 will be held in Berlin, Germany on 31st of August and with the best in the tech industry and the world, Acer is set to amaze and stand out from the crowd.

They had some fairly decent showing for last year\’s IFA with the Predator 8 and 6 tablets which are targeted for gamers but it was much like a fad gone quickly.

Acer and many other established companies are yet to try the whole smartphone for gamer theme. Even Razer, who are respected in the PC gaming community has lost interest in its own concept for the Razer Nabu smartwatches. And just like the Liquid Leap, from a company who is yet to introduce its first smartwatch, this is a great gamble. But only the reviews and the actual product would tell if this will also become a success or a failure.

Meanwhile, Asus and Samsung are yet again releasing new versions of their own smartwatches. But at least they have a version or two to make this year a convincing win for both companies.