Rumor: iPhone 7 will come in Space Black

If Space Blue isn’t enough for you, then this may be your way for a stealth looking iPhone 7 which will come in deep Space Black.

iphone 7 in space black

It seems Apple are coming back to the dark roots of Apple devices with a much darker color. This time it\’s black. While some leaked images of the dark blue iPhone 7 have been all over the place, the darker toned iPhone simply looks elegant and simple.

There are a lot of rumor worthy things that iFans can talk about like the Smart Connector, dual rear-facing camera, less visible antenna lines, new UI and SOC revisions. However, the color palette and the final choice for the next iPhone is the most favorite.

This dark-themed iPhone was not the first of its kind because the last 2012 released 5th generation offered an alternative to white and silver to users. The rumored black iPhone will most likely come in formal black or space black.

Although this feature is but superficial, the debate of whether the home button will remain physical or not is still hot as ever. Including the lack of the headphone jack which will eventually lead to wireless EarPods to aid the users for the big change away from the 3.5mm audio jacks.