Samsung Gear VR, S7 and S6 for 20% Off!

DailySteals, an online shop, makes a great price cut for Samsung’s flagships like the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6, plus the Samsung Gear VR.


samsung gear vr off

Looking for a good deal for the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones? Head out to Dailysteals and order for yourself now. With crazy 20% discounts for the the S7, S6 and the Samsung Gear VR headsets. This may not be as good as free, but a 20 percent discount ain\’t that bad.

The Gear VR is $79.99 at Dailysteals for the next five days. Discounts also extend to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge as well as all the major flagships from last year. There are some cellular discrepancies with the latest phones only coming in GSM configurations and the S6 edge+ only compatible with Verizon’s network.

Prices are accurate as of this post.

Device                          GSM                        Verizon
Galaxy S6                       $399.99                     $299.99
Galaxy S6 edge                  $429.99 (AT&T unlocked)     $349.99
Galaxy Note 5                   $499.99                     $329.99
Galaxy S6 edge+                 $449.99
Galaxy S7 (Dual-SIM)            $539.99
Galaxy S7 edge (Dual-SIM)       $639.99