Samsung Galaxy Note 7 2016 projected sales is 12M units

Will this be the lucky year for the Korean company after the debut of the much successful Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge? Optimistic projections are up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

galaxy note 7 projected sales

The Galaxy Note 7 was an exceptional device that would have little improvements to have over the previous model, the Galaxy Note 5. With the addition of a stunning display, a better S-Pen and an iris scanner, this was the phablet to buy for 2016. However, with the curved edge display, anyone can view it just an oversized Galaxy S7 Edge with just the same guts.

On the business side of things, it\’s a little bit different story. Will Samsung retain the hype that their devices have right now starting with the S7? According to Hyundai Securities, it\’s a 50/50.

The early prediction is the stylus-wielding phablet will ship 12 million units by the end of the year around the world. That’s 12 million in roughly four and a half months, including the perennially lucrative holiday season. The Galaxy S7 duo in contrast is estimated to have crossed 26M in well under 120 days, so clearly, Samsung can’t expect another hit of an equal magnitude already.

Also, the mobile division’s Q3 operating profit may take a bit of a dive compared to Q2, and the 350 million copies boldly projected for the whole of 2016 are no longer a realistic objective. Then again, the 12M shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 sound like a decent result for a minor refinement of an existing design, probably eclipsing the Note 5 and 4’s scores from way back.