Samsung Galaxy Note 7: What’s New

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now unveiled and the final features are definitely much improved. The new ones are left to be tested, like the iris scanner.

galaxy note 7 whats new

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the successor of the powerful Note 5. In the typical Samsung style, this phablet is even more powerful and specced out to be the best Note yet. For an average consumer, what does the Galaxy Note 7 feel like to use? How good is the new Note 7? What\’s new? Here\’s a few features you might want to know.

1. IP68 Certified

Yes, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is water and dust resistant just like it\’s smartphone cousin, the Galaxy S7. Even the S-Pen stylus is also splash resistant. So it\’s not a worry if you use it under the rain or just plain dropped it underwater.

2. Better S-Pen

The S-Pen stylus is now even made better. Example of this is that it won\’t easily break if you accidentally pushed it backwards when docking it inside the Galaxy Note 7. It\’s water resistant and packed with more software features.

All apps related to the S-Pen are now unified in a single drawer called the Samsung Notes. The pressure sensitivity is also doubled compared to the Note 5.

3. Curved Edge Display

The slightly curved edge display of the Galaxy Note 7 is symmetrical to the back panel that once again reminds us of its popular S7 cousin. This hardware feature entails that the device comes with edge UX taken from S7 Edge. Using the Edge apps is good with a smaller display, how about if it\’s on a gigantic Note 7?

4. Custom Gear VR Headsets

A giant smartphone would need a giant headset that goes along. So with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a specially made custom Gear VR is available with support for both micro USB and Type C connectors to accommodate smartphones from different generations.

5. Iris Scanner

The rumors became true that the Galaxy Note 7 will indeed have an iris scanner. It can unlock the device using the iris from the user\’s eyes just like what it can with its built-in fingerprint reader. Which one to use is up to the user.