Samsung Gear S3 out this month

The flow of new Samsung products keeps on flowing this month, including the new Samsung Gear S3. What’s the story behind it this time?

samsung gear s3

Invitations are now sent out from Samsung for its launch event for the next and latest wearable device. Date? Wednesday, August 31 just ahead of the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany.

The invitation looks like this.

S3 invitation

The price for the new Samsung Gear S3 is still to be unveiled. However, the Samsung Gear S2 was the best smartwatch Samsung ever made. The understated round design and unique interface with the rotating bezel for navigation was really remarkable. The S2 was then followed with rose gold and platinum versions and 3G connectivity.

Any of these elements could make their way into the Gear S3, but given that the S2 was so radically different from the original Gear S — which looked like an Apple Watch painted by Salvador Dali — it\’s probably best to keep expectations in check for now.