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See the iPhone 7 Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter

The leak today comes from Vietnam. Apparently, some test product from Foxconn left the factory grounds and got tested and posted on Youtube. Let’s see how it looks.

lightning to 3.5mm adapter

The iPhone 7 has been anticipated and numerous leaks have already surfaced all over the internet and this time one leak is courtesy of the great people of Vietnam. Apparently, items like these got passed through Foxconn factory and made its way out.

In a video posted on Youtube, this lightning to 3.5mm adapter was tested. With news that Apple will drop the 3.5mm audio port, this news is seeing more hype with its almost Apple like design.

If Apple is making a product to sell and/or graciously put in with each and every box, this adapter certainly would look like such a thing — pure white cable wrap and jack coverings with proper curves. The demonstrator showed off that devices not on iOS 10 will not support the accessory if it gets connected. He was able to get the adapter working with his headphones on his iPhone 6s running a beta version.