LG V20 first OEM device to be updated to Nougat

LG leads all the Android OEM upgrades to Nougat, the latest version of Android. Will others follow the lead after the LG V20?

lg v20 updated to nougat

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come out next Tuesday and many of the Nexus devices will again enjoy the regular Android updates that comes to these devices. Android Nougat will be out on Friday and with the new Note coming out, the timing could not be worse since it won\’t be bearing the latest Android version. It is still in question of which manufacturer will have Nougat natively.

If not Samsung, LG will do it with its V20. It has not only seemingly confirmed the existence of a V20 device in a press release, but has stated that the phone will have Android 7.0 out of the box. Its release will be in the month of September.

A top executive at the chaebol touted the device as “a new standard for premium phones” with “more enhanced multimedia capabilities.” The V10 featured an integrated DAC, robust camera software and a Second Screen. The V20 will be on a head-to-head competition with the Note and iPhone 7. All devices will be released soon.