Gionee M6: Best Pokemon Go Smartphone

There is always a top priority when playing Pokemon Go: battery life. Players and users have gone around this priority with power banks but Gionee has another solution: bigger battery.

gionee m6

Playing Pokemon Go and your battery is running down to zero. It’s either you pick up a power bank and recharge your smartphone on the go or go back home and have some recharge done. There must be a better solution: a built in, bigger battery.

Gionee launched its new M6 and the M6 Plus in Beijing this week. The phones are pretty ordinary with unexceptional specs, like a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, a headphone jack, and a MediaTek MT6755 eight-core processor. But they do each have one feature worth noting: massive batteries.

  • Gionee M6 – 5,000 mAh

  • Gionee M6 Plus –  6,020 mAh

This feature is not just useful for Pokemon Go or mobile gaming, this can also be a real great feature for any power user who wants endurance from their device.