Google is unbelievably doing more marketing now

Google is unbelievably doing more marketing now

It seems that the scenario is changing for Google as it performs more marketing to its upcoming Pixel devices. Mind you, Google don’t do this before.


Google is not a company who doesn’t do much marketing before any hardware launch events, but things have now changed. The company is spending a considerable amount of effort to advertise its upcoming October 4th event. Huge billboards, building side projections in Germany (which was timed perfectly for Photokina 2016).

In addition to this wide variety of marketing stunts, Google makes a very simple and intriguing video ad that transforms the Google search bar to a silhouette of their new Pixel phone.

Is Google becoming like Apple?

In a word, yes. Google is now ready to make a name for itself as a manufacturer of premium Android devices much like what Apple does with theirs. The Nexus 6P was an example of these first steps in attaining that status and reputation. However, Google thinks of other strategies. The Nexus name will be discontinued and succeeding Google made Android smartphones will be called Pixel. The Pixel is not only a new name but a new philosophy of premium build quality and high end specs. It was for months teased to have two varying sizes and marketed with the hashtag #MadeByGoogle.

What now?

In the Nexus era, Google have been giving in to the idea of being a hardware manufacturer and vendor. Now, the company is set to make the best-specced, best-supported and up-to-date Android phones just in time for the holidays. Google just won’t entrust this task to OEMs who, in the past, have been slow to roll out updates to their own Android versions making consumers fairly disappointed with the OS.

Now, Google is finally taking over.

With Sony’s absence to the US market and some fatal flaws of their devices, HTC’s expensive but far from perfect models, LG was slowing down after the LG G5, Huawei still miles behind from reaching the global status. Android needs a premium smartphone that could compete with the Apple’s iPhone. Samsung has been successful in taking down Apple worldwide but manufacturing defects really hurts its chance of properly cementing itself to the right competitor for Android.

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