Pokemon GO hits Halloween with more candies and spooky Pokemon

Pokemon GO hits Halloween with more candies and spooky Pokemon

The game is obviously trying new here to bring back the game that used to be so popular using candies and spawning more Pokemon. Are you still playing it?


Pokemon GO now does some marketing for like forever! During Halloween, Pokemon GO will go with the season with some changes to the game for gamers (yes, there are still those who play Pokemon GO) to celebrate. From October 26 to November 1, Niantic will be adding special incentives for the spooky Halloween. Call it a special feature if you will.

Why feature? With this incentives, you will encounter more of the monster and spooky type Pokemon. This would be the ghosts like Gastly, Gengar, and Haunter. There are also the totally weird Zubat, Golbat, Drowzee and Hypno. Catch one of these Pokemon and you get a reward: double candies! See? Instead of just getting 3 candies, you will get 6. You’d be knocking on someone else’s house or you could just roam around the neighborhood to get virtual ones. Professor will also go with the Halloween vibe with some double candies for when you transfer your Pokemon. It used to be 1 candy per trasfer, now it’s 2.

The last incentive might be the best. During the 7-day event, your buddy Pokemon will find candy four times faster than usual. This will make a huge difference for people trying to evolve rare Pokemon. All of your walking will also be worth double candies when you hatch a new egg. This event is going to be a great time to get out and earn some rewards.

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