Galaxy Note 7 Rumored to Have Dual Lens Camera

Galaxy Note 7 Rumored to Have Dual Lens Camera

Rumors of the enormous spec bump of the Galaxy Note 7 (not the Note 6) Edge have already included the legendary tech of having a Dual Lens Camera as the primary shooter. Is this the feature that would leave the iPhone 7 in the dust?

Dual Camera Note 7

The name for the next Samsung Note is yet to be discovered. It might the the Galaxy Note 6 or the Note 7 or event a Note 7 Edge. For the many rumored specs on this thing, it\’s hard to overlook the hype it created for itself. A possible 6Gb of RAM, iris authentication, a bigger battery pack, a Snapdragon 823 CPU, up to 256Gb of internal storage, USB Type-C connectivity and water resistance.

But the dual lens camera feature could be the one that dethrones the iPhone from the camera department\’s first place. Samsung have been preparing a lot for this technology given the amount of research they put on every flagship device they have released so far this year. This is the same lens setup as the LG G5 and the Huawei P9. Given that Samsung spares no cost to give it all the best for its primary phablet, the software is expected to be better than the competitors.

The camera module should be developed in-house by a component subsidiary of Samsung, the Samsung Electro-Mechanics squeezing out the absolute best from the 12 megapixels. Is it over now for the iPhone or will the execution fail for Samsung yet again this year?