Tendigi Made an iPhone run Android

The OS war between two titans in the mobile market stopped for a little while when Tendigi made a case that can run Android on a pure iPhone 6s. Was it that groundbreaking enough to stop the mobile OS ware completely?


Apple iPhone Running Android

It was finally tried and successfully proven that Android can run on an iOS device like the iPhone 6s with a little bit of hacking. Tendigi, an app developing company, already had the same proof of concept like this when it made Windows 95 run on an Apple Watch. This time, they went all out to cross the holy grail of mobile OS war – between Android and iOS.

In a Medium post, CTO Nick Lee stated that he just needed a subdevice that can encase a current generation iPhone to be able to connect to it via the lightning connector. It also helped that Android made OEM\’s skinned versions of the operating system available to virtually all, including developers. This means that it\’s a big bulk of tasks taken off of the project. Building libraries and tools to penetrate the secure Apple OS was very necessary for Nick to do. Screencasting tool being one of the most important component that shows a running Android OS to an iPhone.

Final 3D printed enclosure for iPhone

While the success of this DIY project seems bound to success, there are still compromises. Nick didn\’t want to code the huge gap between the iOS and Android\’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers. To circumvent this, the subdevice or the enclosure case would have its own separate antennas. This resulted to having the case enclosure 3D printed instead of using a hacked Mophie Juice Pack.

After many modifications, the resulting enclosure is close to the size of a Mophie Juice Pack.