The New and Unchanged iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 coming this September will most likely resemble its older cousin, the iPhone 6s. No surprises about that except the headphone jack is gone.

iphone 7 no changes

According to Wall Street Journal, the new iPhone 7 will most likely look like the previous version, the iPhone 6s. Though some changes would be made, these would be so subtle to be noticeable. Although some features are ground-breaking like the ditching of the headphone jack, the screen sizes are offered in the 4.7 and 5.5-inch variants. Still no huge changes until next year for yet another new iPhone.

The iPhone model that would come right after the iPhone 7 would probably have curved, edge-to-edge OLED screen and an on-screen fingerprint sensor right on the display. This sounds more like the Galaxy flagships from last year to the S7, but Apple seems to be taking its time now in innovations. Design chief Jony Ives have been aiming for the iPhone to look like a single, seamless sheet of glass. So designs for this new iPhone is yet to be finalized and be announced the device\’s 10th anniversary. The 10 years of the iPhone greeted with a bolder move to stay on the smartphone race.

Back to the iPhone to be released this September. No headphone jack. That\’s final for some practical reasons: it makes the device slimmer and improves water resistance. Again, sounds like the Galaxy smartphones. The demand for a thinner smartphone seems not the consumer\’s priority but the unchanged design for a new iPhone looks like Android is gaining so much lead with each new release.