Google’s 2-Step Verification for Touch ID

Google’s goal to simplify security now comes to iOS Touch ID and with a more seamless experience on the Android devices.

google verification

In the past, Google would have a two-step verification paradigm to make sure the users are able to control their accounts when logged in from a new device. This includes entering your username and password and a verification code to your smartphone via sms or some other medium.

Security comes with inconvenience. Google is cutting down on that inconvenience with a simple prompt.

Instead of getting a security key texted to you, your phone will pop up a simple prompt that asks you if you’re signing into your Google Account on another device. iOS devices can even make use of Touch ID for verification. Android devices just need the latest Google Play Store release while iOS machines need the latest Google app release.

On your phone, head to your Google account dashboard. Under “Signing in to Google,” tap into Two-Step Verification and then find the Google prompt option. It may take a few days before this feature gets rolled out to you.