Huawei’s Own Mobile OS

Just in case the relationship with Google gets compromised, Huawei’s got a backup plan. Use their own mobile OS. No more Android skin.

huawei's own os

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer and third-largest in the world is keeping a backup plan. Its relationship with Google may have a possibility of being compromised in the future, thus, the development of a new mobile operating system. The company, as of today is running an Android skin, EMUI which will eventually be replaced by the new custom OS.

A group of engineers, who are ex-Nokia employees, are tasked to develop the operating system in Scandinavia. It is known that it’s not only Huawei that pursued alternatives. Samsung have a Linux-based Tizen OS deployed in its IoT devices.

The current EMUI skin is bashed and put down especially by tech reviewers for being too Apple-like. Last October, Huawei hired former Apple designer Abigail Brody to overhaul EMUI. The unveiling of this revamped skin will come this September.

Redesign for EMUI will include a new app drawer, redesigned icons, and a new color palette. Instead of the unusual color choices of grays and browns, Brody is planning to transition to brighter tones like blues and whites. These color combinations were taken from animals like jellyfish for inspiration.

Huawei have been struggling with the US markets, mainly because of the poorly designed user interface. Brody, says The Information, acknowledges these difficulties and told the publication she wants to overcome the company’s “pain points” and “glaring cosmetic issues.” She was also quoted by the publication as saying that one day Huawei could become “the world’s No. 1, the most advanced and favorite ‘lifestyle-centric’ ecosystem, and without having to copy Apple at all, ever!”