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The TRUTH about third party iPhone chargers

Although more and more third-party iPhone chargers work just like Apple’s default accessories. But are they safe? Are they worth trying out at all?

Can chargers mess up iPhones?

No. Chargers come with different voltage and amperage but it won’t directly affect your iPhone. Your iPhone have built-in charge controllers in the logic board that regulates the flow of electricity to the battery.

If your charger can pump in more power, the charge controller just speed up the recharging process. If it’s a slow charger, recharging would be slower than normal. Nonetheless, your iPhone will be fine.

Why does my iPhone charger suddenly stop working?

iPhone chargers would stop working in the following circumstances. You can check these if your charger stops recharging your iPhone:

  • The recharging cable might have snapped a wire underneath the cable housing. You might not see it but it happens everytime a cable is overstressed. Try swapping out with a different lightning cable.

  • The power adapter may have blown out a capacitor that you can’t see from the outside. Try a different power adapter.

  • Your charging port may be loose and can’t hold the lightning header properly. Have it fixed from your trusted repair center or have Apple repair it if your still under warranty.

Can cheap phone chargers ruin your iPhone?

Yes, it could. If cheap means fake chargers, then it could possibly blow up and cause fire when it overheats. Avoid this at all cost.

If it’s just a cheap but original iPhone charger, then it’s all good. Just make sure it’s strong enough to charge your iPhone.

Is it OK to leave your iPhone charging all night?

No. Your iPhone will be alright plugged in overnight to the wall because of the smart feature built-in to the charge controller. Read why it is okay for your iPhone to be recharged overnight for more info. 

How do you clean the charging port on Iphone?

You can use a toothpick made out of either plastic or wood. You can carefully stick it in and probe your iPhone charging port to pick out lints, dust or grime from your iPhone’s lightning port. Avoid using metal picks or even needles as it can scratch the aluminum around the port and even scratch the copper contacts inside.

You can try compressed air in a can if you want. Yes, air. No direct contact with any of the material. Just make sure to spray in an angle and not directly on the port as it may just push the dirt further down the charging hole.

How can I get my charger to work?

If your iPhone charger is broken, you can swap it out for a working unit. Power adapters are not user-serviceable because it is enclosed in hard plastic with thick adhesive holding it together. You can try fixing it on your own but it is not recommended.

If it’s broken, get a new one for a sure, quick fix.

Is it OK to charge an iPhone with an iPad charger?

Yes, it is. In fact it can recharge your iPhone much, much faster because an iPad charger can give a higher wattage when plugged into a wall.

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