Tips for Playing Pokemon GO on a bike

Today you learn some tips on how to play Pokemon GO on a budget, AKA playing on a bicycle. Here’s a Pokemon tutorial you don’t want to miss.

biking and pokemon go

In the most recent Pokemon game, Pokemon GO, there\’s been some cheats using drones, gps spoofing and using vehicles just to play the game fast. While these may be more effective than just walking, it can pose a very huge investment on the part of the player.

What are the downsides on using some \’LEGAL\’ cheats?

Using drones will mean spending much for the drone, batteries, software and accessories that will be used. This exludes the risk of losing the drone while you are in the comfort of your home. Although cheaper drones are available, it\’s still not worth the risk of losing anything at all.

Want to use your car? Well, some places prohibits playing Pokemon GO while driving. It\’s a hazard to all. Stopping in the middle of the road when a Pidgey appears is very dangerous to the cars following you. Parking can also be a pain. Okay, you get to places faster but parking your car just anywhere can be illegal and might land you some tickets which is the whole point of not following the law.

Why use a bicycle?

1. It\’s much cheaper.

It is cheaper to buy a bike. You don\’t have to get a license (if you\’re still not eligible for one), no registrations needed, no gas money spent, and you can even borrow some bikes from your neighbor. So play Pokemon GO for free pretty much in this case.

2. It\’s small and agile.

You can go to nooks and crannies with a bike. With a car, you have to park, go out of it, lock and go to some tight places that your car will not fit in. This also makes you unexposed to some cases when you have to leave a place if danger arises.

3. It\’s slow.

This is a good thing. How? You can trick the Pokemon GO app that you are actually walking. This is great if you want to hatch some eggs by walking (biking slowly) for 5 kilometers. This is better than walking, believe me.

How to do it…right

1. Make sure the bike is fine.

Before heading out into the wild and play Pokemon GO on your bike, make sure that the brakes and other important components are working. You don\’t want to reach a corner and get a head on situation with some truck and not being able to stop on time.

2. Perfect biking one handed.

This is risky so make sure you do it right or at least be good at it. Pokemon GO will require you to monitor your progress on your phone so when biking, hold your smartphone with one hand and your other hand on the handle bars. NEVER EVER DO NO HANDS, PLEASE. Or do it on your own risk.

3. Get a smartphone holder.

Get a clamp that is compatible with bikes. This would require some investement but you can see your smartphone on top of your handle bars with both hands on the handles. This is much safer and much recommended for biking in heavy traffic.

4. Bring some protection.

Always wear a helmet. Bring some hoodie or rain coat. Bike locks. Everything you might need to be safe on the road. This can be serious business so you might as well be safe while doing it. Oh, and don\’t forget your power bank. Be the Pokemon trainer that makes it to a gym in one piece.

5. Know your place.

Only bike on places you are confident you can roam around legally and safely. Never bike on parks where bikes are not allowed or on open private properties. This can be risky since you can have your bike confiscated or impounded for over stepping some limits while you play Pokemon GO.