Google Photos ad shows iOS out of storage moments

We’ve been there, taking a photo then getting an out of storage message. Well, Google Photos shows us how irritating it is on iOS devices. You are not alone.

google photos ad

What do Nexus and iPhones have in common? No microSD card expansions. Reason: they want users to use Google Photos and iCloud from Google and Apple, respectively. This leaves some of the huge fanboys to rely on the internal storage and of course the cloud storage that works for them. Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Megaupload and so many others. They offer free cloud storage and even paid larger capacity options. Most, if not all, will work regardless what OS the smartphone it is running on. Running even on desktops.

The only exception for this is iCloud. Oh, iCloud from Apple. The exclusive for iOS only service and have dealt with some security issues from months ago. Now Google Photos openly takes on iCloud with its new ad. Targeting the most loyal iFans for alway running out of memory in their devices in the most unlikely moments.

The ad shows the irritating “storage full” message popping up over and over and over again whenever a most important moment is to be captured. This is funny for the most part but true to all people with just an 8Gb or 16Gb iOS device to use.

Google Photos come as the hero reminding users that it\’s not that hard after all to backup all those 16MP snapshots and video clips in Full HD so that precious memory capacity can still be usable on low spec iPhones.