Pokeball Powerbank for Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is sweeping the entire world and the accessories that it spawned into higher demand like powerbanks is now shaped like a real Pokeball. Anyone?

pokeball powerbank for pokemon go

Powerbanks is one of the items in each trainer’s Pokemon battle tips. Why because with that much battery and data that the Pokemon official game is using, each trainer should have one. It’s an essential tool. Necessary for those long walks finding Pokestops and catching Pokemon.

But would you buy a Pokeball shaped powerbank? Would you play the latest Pokemon official game in real Pokemon anime style? If your answer is yes then read on.

Available now is a powerbank with a 5,300mAh battery inside that could charge up any smartphone at least once. It is 3D printed and hand-painted which means that it is one of the few in existence. Just like any other power bank, it’s got an LED indicator that tells how much battery is left.

“The interior of the plastic shell is hand-painted, carved with a Dremel, and the battery fits securely inside in a vinyl-sealed Pokeball. I made one after Pokémon Go kept draining my battery and I wanted a cool way to keep my phone charged. I love that people immediately know that I’m playing the game too. Each one is crafted to order in my studio in San Francisco. They are fragile and should not be dropped or thrown.”, says the creator of the powerbank.

The latest Pokemon game does not approve or license this accessory so Nintendo might soon be on its heels to take the sales down. For just $40, you can buy one now from Etsy. For more Pokemon official guide, visit our Pokemon Go page.