Catching Pokemon with a real Pokeball in Pokemon GO

Why not? If you got some electronics knowledge, an Arduino and a passion for Pokemon GO then you’re all set to make your own real Pokeball. Here’s a story.

real pokeball in pokemon go

Marcus Johansson has made a real Pokeball prototype to catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO. He may have thought that flicking your finger to catch some augmented real monsters is less cool compared to flinging a real-life Pokeball. So with the latest Pokemon game, he mocked up a design that would enable him just that.

What is the Arduino Pokeball?

The Arduino Pokeball that Marcus created have an Arduino 101 board on it. The entire setup is enclosed in a protective casing that makes it safe for him to physically throw the ball to a pokemon and will then relayed back and imitated in the Pokemon GO app.

It uses the IMU or combination of two or more parts. These are the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and altimeter which can also be found inside any modern smartphone. In addition, it also uses the bluetooth capabilities of the Arduino 101.

How does it work?

Well, the IMU sensors track the correct location of the Pokeball, where it is and where it is headed. It also determines the orientation of the whole thing using the gyroscope. Once the ball is thrown, the entire action is then fed back to the smartphone via bluetooth tricking the Pokemon GO app that it is a regular flicking motion.

That\’s one for your Pokemon battle tips list.

The Pokemon official game is now released in Asia. China, India and Korea is up for the next release of the game.