?Vivid Sydney 2018 – Barangaroo Light Events ?

The Barangaroo light events is one of the best places to see Vivid lights. You walk around and see the best Vivid Sydney can show you. The Vivid Sydney crowds may be blocking your view but the Vivid Specials like the installations are all for the people to see. Nothing to be worried if it’s too crowded to walk or not.

This is one of the best places to view Vivid Sydney. Period. It’s accessible. Tickets are free. It is open from the start of Vivid to when Vivid Sydney goes to a close on June 16.

Vivid Festival 2018


Do you want to see Vivid Sydney 2018 light installations in Barangaroo? Here’s the best spot for Vivid Sydney in this area. Know if you need Vivid Sydney tickets and what does Vivid start.

What dates is this on? May 25 – June 16

What time does this Vivid event start? 6PM-11PM

Where can this be found? Wulugul Walk, Barangaroo NSW 2000

How much are the tickets for this Vivid installation? Free

As the sun sets, Barangaroo’s waterfront becomes an illuminated promenade inspired by water, earth and fire.

Welcoming you to the precinct is a giant luminescent puppet, breathtaking in size. Operated by a team of performers, the puppet ventures along the waterfront in a highly theatrical display of sound and light.

Barangaroo glows under layers of light and sound that evoke the surrounding waterways. If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of birds and the sea.


Vivid Sydney 2018

Weekdays: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday : Closed

After Business Hours, By Appointment only.

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