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?Vivid Sydney 2018 – Hugh Mackay on The Good Society ?

A Vivid Sydney experience you would surely love if you are curious as to how societies evolve and its impact in human lives. Hugh Mackay, a well-renowned sociologist offers an insight from an expert’s point of view of this complicated topic. Vivid Sydney 2018 is truly highlighted with only the best from the best thinkers around.

If you are as curious as us, please come and join this rare opportunity to pick the brains of the few geniuses in existence.

hugh mackay vivid sydney

Inspiration for all, Hugh Mackay shares his life long knowledge in society and what we could become. A truly Vivid Sydney highlight everyone should see.

What dates is this on? 7PM-8:30PM

What time does this Vivid event start? June 12

Where can this be found? 220 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

How much are the tickets for this Vivid installation? Prices starts at $40

What kind of society do we want to become? Australia’s unprecedented run of economic growth has failed to deliver a more stable or harmonious society. Like many Western societies, we are in the midst of a period of rampant individualism and materialism, becoming more self-absorbed, more competitive, more socially fragmented, more anxious, more depressed, more medicated, deeper in debt and increasingly addicted. How do we correct this course so we can head towards a more compassionate, less anxious future?

The School of Life proudly presents an evening with esteemed social researcher and bestselling author Hugh Mackay, as he draws on his 60-year research career to present a fearless and passionate vision for the kind of people and society we could become. Hugh invites us to consider the possibility that the clearest signs of the health of a society are to be found in the life of its local neighbourhoods and communities.

Throughout the evening, expect to be challenged to think differently about the power of our individual choices in shaping our society’s future. It’s time to consider the role of compassion in addressing issues such as anxiety, cultural diversity, the digital and social media divide and economic inequality. What new ideas and insights will we share about how courage, wisdom and imagination can pave our way toward a more compassionate, less anxious society?


Vivid Sydney 2018

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