Watch how Neos do world building in VR

Tomáš ‘Frooxius’ Mariančík is planning to make a collaborative virtual reality app that lets multiple users create worlds in VR. This is very promising.


Tomáš ‘Frooxius’ Mariančík was fully down at work with Neos, a world building virtual reality app that is likened to be the Google Docs of VR. He was also the creator of Sightline, so is Neos any good?

What is Neos, exactly?

From the developers who have created the amazing VR experiences series, Sightline comes another VR app called Neos. This was a side project that became fully focused on lately. It is an app that would allow many users to collaborate seamlessly on shared VR worlds.

After months of intensive work on the project, this so-called collaborative world engine will provide a platform for building metaverses entirely within virtual reality. To prove that this concept is really working just as expected, the developers have tested the VR app on separate rooms and demoed how world building happens.

They started from scratch with a barebones world. They then slowly filled this world slowly showing the basics of how to create hand drawn models and meshes going to more advanced and elaborate world building. By the time the pair have finished, they’ve created a realistic office environment, created from assets captured within photogrammetry, and have infused the worlds surfaces with countless copies of Sonic the Hedgehog videos. As you do.

So what is Neos really for?

  • This is for collaborative purposes that gives users intuitive and humanistic tools just like how they are in real life. Gluing together materials and meshes inside the world is just like how we use adhesive, we have two objects contact one another till it sticks.
  • Abstraction layers are heavily used, this means that it will show the same exact world to many users even if they are miles apart. This uses less bandwidth to synchronize two computers in a much faster and more efficient way.

Neos is still a work in progress, but its key architecture is clearly in place and its potential power should be immediately obvious. Can the developer succeed in defining and building a Google Docs from which friends and colleagues can create the metaverse? Time will tell.

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