Google Maps is finally hands-free

First off, it’s long overdue. Google Maps is not giving some love to the drivers who always use the app to navigate on unknown streets all over the world.


Just a reminder: Don’t use your phone when driving. That’s why Google made Google Maps even user-friendly for drivers.

So here’s how it used to be. You want to go somewhere but you don’t know the fastest way there. Yes, you use Google Maps to help you go there. You give it your point A and point B, switch to navigation mode, and put your smartphone clipped to the dashboard. Google voice then tells you where and when to turn to get where you are going. This takes you a little time to setup but still a little clunky knowing that “OK Google” is now a thing.

However, something is improved. If you need to grab a pit stop or some flowers along the way, you now have the ability to yell “OK Google” over the struggling rumbles of your transmissions and you can tell your phone to “find gas stations,” or “restaurants” or whatever you need. That is anytime along the trip. You can also ask about when to take turns, how to avoid tolls, highways or ferries and mute or unmute the phone.

You’ll need to make sure that you tap the overflow menu on the Navigation screen, hit the settings and then, you’ll get into the “Ok Google” detection page. Make sure you have the “Always on” or “From any screen” toggle on.

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