What is the best power bank for iPhone?

In case you haven’t noticed yet, your iPhone battery has mediocre capacity. That’s real talk. Here’s a cheap solution: external power banks.

  1. Anker Astro E3

    Capacity: 10,000mAhanker-astro-e3-power-bank



    Surprise, surprise, it’s another Anker product! Hey, what can I say? They make great chargers! The Astro E3 is a step above the E1, so it’s a little larger (5 inches by 2.5 inches), but it has a 10,000mAh capacity, charging your iPhone 6s four or five times.

    The Astro E3 features a four-LED power meter that lets you know when it’s fully charged and it comes with a sweet travel pouch so that you don’t scratch it all up.

  2. Anker Astro E1

    Capacity: 5,200mAhanker-astro-e1-power-bank

    If you’re looking for great portability but need a little more juice than the Anker PowerCore mini can provide, the next best option is the Anker Astro E1, which has a 5,200mAh cell and can charge your iPhone 6s up to two times.

    It’s rather small, at only about 4 inches long and roughly 2 inches wide, so it’s perfectly pocketable (even in the same pocket as your iPhone) but not so small that you might lose it entirely.

  3. EC Technology

    Capacity: 22,400mAhec-technology-power-bank

    The EC Technology portable charger is the perfect power bank for a family road trip. It features a total of 22,400mAh, which can charge 1 iPhone 6s roughly 12 times. So, if you’re headed out of town for the weekend and don’t know if you’ll see a power outlet until Monday, this power bank is perfect.

    It’s not perfect just because it can charge your iPhone so many times – it can charge three devices at once! It obviously won’t charge 3 devices 12 times each, but it’ll certainly get a family of 4 through the weekend if need be.

  4. Anker PowerCore Mini

    Capacity: 3,350mAhanker-powercore-mini-power-bank

    The Anker PowerCore mini is about the size of a tube of lipstick, making it one of the most portable power banks money can buy. It’ll only charge your iPhone 6s once, maybe one and a half times, since it only has a 3,350mAh battery, but it’s perfect for emergency situations and will fit anywhere you can stick it. Anywhere.

    Since you’ll likely be carrying the PowerCore mini around in your pocket, why not do so in style? It comes in black, silver, pink, blue, and gold.

  5.  RAVPower 16,750mAh power bank

    Capacity: 16,750mAhravpower-external-battery-power-bank

    If you’re not going to see a power outlet for a few days or need your iPhone 6s charged up at all times because you use it extensively, then the RAVPower power bank is the way to go. It charges your iPhone 6s up to six times and you can charge up to two devices at once, at 2A each, though you obviously won’t get as many charges if you charge more devices.