Why is my iPhone battery decreasing while charging?

When you’re recharging, you’re expecting that your iPhone battery will increase. But what if it is decreasing in power even when plugged in? Here’s some fixes.

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When you want to increase the battery percentage of your iPhone, you plug it in. Expecting it to go up, seeing that it is losing battery power as it recharges is confusing and downright not right. It usually happens on older smartphones that has been in use for 2 years or more. It can also be caused by a failing battery but other reasons are also factors to blame.

The problem occurs in various degrees. Either your phone won’t charge at all when it is plugged in, or it is only charged very slowly. Here are some suggestions you can immediately try.

  1. Remove lint, candy and dust from the lighting port itself. It is usually wedged inside the port during its stay inside your bag or pockets. Use a toothpick made out of wood or plastic when getting the dirt out or compressed air in a can if you have any.
  2. Switch cables especially the lightning cable you use when recharging your iPhone. It is recommended you use the original Apple cables or some quality third party cables.
  3. Diagnose a dodgy adapters. Again, use original iPhone or iPad adapters. If you don’t have any, at least find adapters with the right voltage and amperage that can charge your iPhone sufficiently.
  4. Restarting the Phone via Soft Reset. You do this by pressing the power button and home button until the iPhone reboots.
  5. Close all background apps. Go to multitasking window and close all open apps by swiping up.

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[Music] hello guys it’s glenn from sydney cbd repair center and today we’re going to talk about iphone battery replacement and the three questions that we often get in the shop or in our facebook messages or facebook chats and the first one most common is which battery do i need for this iphone so if you’re suspecting that your iphone battery is slowly degrading or losing power then you can change it yourself or have a professional help to do it for you some technicians can do it better but if you want to do it yourself then you can also do that so just a quick disclaimer the do-it-yourself people out there who wants to you know do it themselves the battery replacement and the repairs the disassembly and this and reassembly of their smartphones there’s some risk involved so always remember that batteries are not created equal and never try an iphone battery that are not designed for a certain device maybe you want to mix and match batteries that is not advisable and avoid fake batteries unproven batteries if you if you can get a legit battery from a refurbished unit that would be good because those parts are original and yeah be careful batteries are not also equally powerful some batteries especially fake ones are not really rated for this kind of voltage so you have to be very careful with that as well never try iphone batteries if it’s not the same capacity and voltage and overall batteries are dangerous if in the event of a puncture or shock if you drop it an iphone lithium-ion battery can explode and can eventually cause fire so what are the key benefits of doing it yourself of course you can save money and for the tinkerers out there you can also learn new stuff on how to open this model how to reassemble this model how to extract the battery how to bypass some screws how what screwdrivers you can use all this kind of stuff so how will you know which iphone battery to get so first obviously you have to research a lot and in the world of modern technology and fast internet you can just go to your browser and search the best iphone replacement battery or even battery kits from amazon or ebay you just have to type in the exact model so that you will not be confused with other variations of models you might get confused if you can just type in the exact model of your iphone that would be good of course again for the tinkerers and the techie people out there you can open and check your device you can inspect the dimensions the wattage the connect connection design then especially as you can compare the length of the cable because some iphones have different connectors and just different shades on those kinds of stuff is i’ve seen this on iphone 5s and iphone 5s mostly for iphones with the same size case or closely these same design some batteries can have a slightly different cable connector design so you have to open it and check it and maybe that will help you when your battery arrives you can just install it yourself so there’s no really a fixed answer to the question of what battery to get for your iphone and it depends on you if you want to just outsource the job to a pro you can also do that and if you can spend some time to research you can save a lot of money and maybe learn some thing or two on fixing your own devices so bonus tips you know we are a repair shop here in sydney and if you let us do it we can do it in maybe a few minutes we also have a stock of older generation iphone batteries we also have the latest iphone 12 batteries even we we also have smart watches apple watch batteries and fitbits it sounds like we are promoting our services but yeah we are promoting it for those who are you know deciding to just not take the risk of doing themselves and just opting to let the pros have their way and maybe you need a new smartphone after all maybe replace the battery for like two to three times and it just keeps integrating integrating over time maybe the problem is not anywhere the battery maybe it’s the motherboard or some components inside that can drain your battery faster so we don’t condone needless upgrades and needless purchase but if you need a new smartphone you will know because it will make more sense to you than to just have repeated repairs so next question is why do batteries swell so we actually have a video about this last time i detailed some of the some of the points that leads to this phenomenon and of course the danger that it poses this is like uh you can see here we have some stuff in the shop that you can uh that we pulled out and just demonstrated to you and we’ll just re reviews the three reasons why some iphone batteries do swell or bulge or cause some problems to you regulator first reason is over charging i know that smartphones are really smart and they can detect a sudden surge of voltage or even under voltage and some of that stuff and that it can cut off power but sometimes with various faulty components or even faulty adapters or cables it can lead to overcharging and it can overcharge your device for higher than it really needs if you do it over and over and over it will slowly degrade your battery and even it will swell or bulge and of course heat if you’re gaming and using your smartphone for very very long time you don’t have proper ventilation in your room or you’re not holding your smartphone because your hand is a big heat sink it can transfer the heat from your smartphone to your palms it can also damage the battery because you know the tight tolerances inside the casing of the bat of the smartphone can lead to extreme heat which can if applied many many times over and over again it will also make the battery bulge or swell and of course faulty manufacturing what we mean by these is it’s sometimes apple’s problem you know you get a faulty iphone which may not may be working very very well at the first three months of you using it but after a year it’s not fairing really well compared to some models that came in the same manufacturing date so you can just write it off as like you know it’s not your fault but in apple’s fault or maybe you’re using a fake battery or an aftermarket battery that’s not really validated or verified to function well with your smartphone so those are the three reasons why batteries swell if you can avoid these three stuff then you’re gonna be okay and one tip that i often tell people don’t let your battery drain below 20 and if you can manage it just charge it up up to eighty percent uh between twenty and eighty percent that’s the optimal way to prolong your battery life next question is why is my iphone battery decreasing while charging that’s a pretty good question actually so this phenomenon is when you’re charged you plugged in your battery your iphone and you observe the battery level you expect it to go up but it’s not going up but instead it’s losing charge as you’re recharging it and that can be very confusing at first but some times you can just fix it with a few stuff first thing is you can clean the charging port we actually have an article about this if your iphone is staying inside your pocket for a very very long time it can have lints dust or some wood or even plastic particles that are getting inside of it you can just pluck it out with a i think this is not a advisable you can just get a plastic or a wooden peck so that you can take those lengths out or even compressed air so you can force them out without doing any harm because this seems to be using metal and it’s not advisable to shore these pins inside the charging port so you can clean it try it and then see if it works next is you can try other cables so we’re just reducing the variables here so you can try other cables like maybe borrow some lightning cables from a friend see if it works me and then if it’s it works it’s not it’s eliminated eliminating the problem then maybe your cable needs to be changed as well next is you can try other charging adapters you know if if the previous solution does not work you can also borrow some adapters this one is pretty new it’s one of those uh adapters that comes with the ipad with a usb type c on the end and then the lightning which is pretty weird to have so if you want to eliminate more variables you can just change the power brick or charging adapter so next is you can reset your iphone you can what i mean by this is you can perform a soft reset by uh pressing the power button right here this is an iphone 6 and then the home button until the iphone reboot some some iphones don’t have a pressable home button but some of them can be can have a similar effect by pressing the power button and the uh one of the volume buttons so that what that will do is it will restart the iphone and then clear some cache or maybe reset some apps and then you can try to plug in the charging adapter and see if the battery is getting enough charge and finally you can also close the background apps maybe there’s a lot of apps that’s draining your battery more than it recharges and then maybe closing some of it it will alleviate the the phenomenon of your smartphone of your iphone having a lower battery while you’re recharging it so that’s it guys if you like this video you can like and subscribe to this channel we upload on facebook and youtube and our website is here you can visit us on facebook here and then our youtube channel so the same name and you can even call us if you’re around sydney you want to have a battery replacement we also do screen replacement for android and iphones and even smart watches as i’ve mentioned this is our team this is david he’s vaccinated we’re all vaccinated we’re not sick of covid19 so don’t worry we’re still open even in lockdown so till next time guys [Music] cheers [Music] [Music] you.


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