Why is my iPhone battery decreasing while charging?

When you’re recharging, you’re expecting that your iPhone battery will increase. But what if it is decreasing in power even when plugged in? Here’s some fixes.

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When you want to increase the battery percentage of your iPhone, you plug it in. Expecting it to go up, seeing that it is losing battery power as it recharges is confusing and downright not right. It usually happens on older smartphones that has been in use for 2 years or more. It can also be caused by a failing battery but other reasons are also factors to blame.

The problem occurs in various degrees. Either your phone won’t charge at all when it is plugged in, or it is only charged very slowly. Here are some suggestions you can immediately try.

  1. Remove lint, candy and dust from the lighting port itself. It is usually wedged inside the port during its stay inside your bag or pockets. Use a toothpick made out of wood or plastic when getting the dirt out or compressed air in a can if you have any.
  2. Switch cables especially the lightning cable you use when recharging your iPhone. It is recommended you use the original Apple cables or some quality third party cables.
  3. Diagnose a dodgy adapters. Again, use original iPhone or iPad adapters. If you don’t have any, at least find adapters with the right voltage and amperage that can charge your iPhone sufficiently.
  4. Restarting the Phone via Soft Reset. You do this by pressing the power button and home button until the iPhone reboots.
  5. Close all background apps. Go to multitasking window and close all open apps by swiping up.

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