Why your iPhone 6 Plus is recharging slowly – SOLUTIONS

Here’s a scenario: you’re about to head out for a night out but your iPhone 6 Plus won’t recharge in a decent pace. Well, let’s fix that, mate. It’s just too much hassle.

iPhone 6 Plus Lightning Port

Solution #1: Use an iPad charger

Your iPhone 6 Plus charger is optimized for your iPhone 6 Plus. It recharges it in the same pace it is intended by default. So by using a much stronger charging brick to recharge your iPhone 6 Plus by using a 12W iPad charger, you essentially makes the recharging process faster. It’s not only iPad chargers but any chargers that offers a bigger wattage like OnePlus Vooc charger.

Solution #2: Signal Overload

To be straightforward with it, just put your iPhone 6 Plus on Airplane Mode. Turn off all radios that can suck power as your iPhone 6 Plus is getting recharged. What if you’re expecting a call? Well, just turn off the three biggest culprits of low iPhone 6 Plus recharging: Wi-Fi, bluetooth and mobile data.

Solution #3: Leave it Alone

Plug it in. Turn it off. Leave it alone. Take a walk.

Just stop using your iPhone 6 Plus while it’s recharging. It’s that simple. Why can’t you just give it some 40 minutes of continuous charging time? Why can’t you just stop playing with some apps while your iPhone 6 Plus is tethered to the wall? Just turn it off for now. Okay, mate?

Pro Tip:

The secret to faster charging time for your iPhone 6 Plus is by using the right charger and the right user habit.

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