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❤ Samsung Galaxy: What’s new with the Galaxy S9 Infinity Display

The Infinity Display is Samsung’s strongest marketing point and the most gorgeous to the average consumer. It has been the gold standard for all smartphones to imitate. How does it fare now with the latest Galaxy S9?

What’s new with the Infinity Display?

Both the 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 and the 6.2-inch S9+ feature Samsung’s latest Super AMOLED Infinity Displays, which feature key refinements that magnify the beauty and immersive qualities of the Galaxy smartphones’ signature screen.

The Infinity Display is characterized by its smooth, spacious design, which seamlessly curves at the edges to blend into the Galaxy S9’s body and lends the device its beautiful, highly ergonomic form. Films, shows and video clips are captivating when viewed on the 18.5:9, HDR (High Dynamic Range) capable display, whose impeccable accuracy allows such content to be presented exactly as creators intended.

When designing the new displays, Samsung focused on adjustments that would enable users to enjoy even more engrossing viewing experiences. This led Samsung to trim down the already small bezels at the top and bottom of the device, and make the screen itself a deeper black, so as to blend in with the bezels when the device is off. The bezels have also been refined to conceal features that could possibly detract from users’ immersion, such as the device’s iris sensor.

Adaptive Contrast Enhancement

Adaptive Contrast Enhancement is another immersion-amplifying addition that allows the display to provide crisp visuals even in direct sunlight. This offers users more freedom to comfortably consume the content they want, when they want.

To make using the device even more comfortable, the Galaxy S9 also introduces a new Landscape Mode, which allows the home screen and app tray to adjust their orientation when the phone is held at an angle. This feature is particularly useful when a user who is watching a video navigates to the home screen to find another app.

The durability of the devices’ screens and bodies has also been enhanced. In addition to utilizing a high-strength aluminum alloy that offers protection from external impacts, Samsung reinforced both phones with thicker Corning© Gorilla© Glass 5 on their fronts, as well as more scratch-resistant side metal frames.


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