5 Reasons Why Fixing your Smartphone MAKES MORE SENSE!

Fixing is a more financially responsible thing to do.

fixing smartphone save money

Reason #1: Overall, it is cheaper.

It’s not a new thing at all. Over the years, smartphone prices has gone down. We can now have better phones for not much money. However, some flagships are still going over the 1000-buck mark. Those high end smartphones are wonder piece of technology but if you break the screen, buying a new one is not a viable solution. Having a screen replacement can get your flagship smartphone back to life. Spend 300 bucks on a screen repair service and you’re good to go.

There are some smartphones that are not that cost-effective though. If you have an entry level Android smartphone that you got for 100 dollars, then buying new may be a better option. But for midrange smartphones, screen replacement is still a good deal because more affordable smartphones tend to have cheaper replacement parts.

fixing smartphone postpone upgrade

Reason #2: It postpones an upgrade.

This thing we call consumerism, man. You’ve got your smartphone for a year now and you saw the advert for the latest Samsung or iPhone and you’re itching to upgrade. STOP! Maybe it’s not a good time to jump into the bandwagon, mate. Think about it. The average lifespan of a smartphone is 2 years. At least use your old smartphone for that long after you decide to chuck it in the bin and upgrade. If it’s got a cracked screen but performs very well still, why not have a screen replacement? If you have problems recharging it fast, why not have the charging port replaced? Believe me, there will always be a new smartphone that you can buy every year. Just think that if you’re upgrading out of impulse, you should think twice.

fixing smartphone environmentally friendly

Reason #3: It’s good for the environment.

If you don’t throw your smartphone out every time you broke the screen, there will be less trash in this planet. All can agree to that? Of course! The longer you use your device, the less crap we add to landfills. Mother nature will appreciate it. You can maximize the usable life of your device because you made the effort to prolong it’s life span. A screen replacement or a battery replacement will go a long way of reducing our electronic waste.

fixing smartphone gift to someone

Reason #4: You can give/gift it to someone.

Yes, you can actually give an old smartphone to someone you know. Who? Your kid who is too careless about things in general. You wouldn’t want to give a brand new smartphone to them or else you’ll be out of money soon. Have a smartphone fixed, get the thickest case you can find and you’re the best uncle/dad/random guy ever. Or you can give it to your mum who still has that old iPhone. Get a new battery replacement and your iPhone 8 is a welcome gift from her son/daughter. Note: just make sure you wipe your smartphone clean before you give the smartphone to them.

fixing smartphone backup phone

Reason #5: Fixed smartphones are good backup phones.

Okay, you don’t wanna share to others. That’s fine! You can fix an old smartphone of yours and keep it! Use it as a backup phone for other stuff like alarms or a backup smartphone for when your primary smartphone is recharging. Be creative, man. You can have two smartphones. That’s not weird. What if someone stole your primary phone? What if you lost or broke it? Well, you have a backup smartphone. Got the point?

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