An LG V20 may come this September

 LG may have been struggling over its inactive sales of the G5 but the Korean giant is up to another phablet update with the LG V20. Is this better than the V10?

lg v20 for september

LG had a rough year with the domination of Samsung and Apple in the high end smartphone game and it\’s bound to make up for the loses. The G5 may have sold less but LG seems optimistic of its new releases. LG Pay card may interest many to battle Samsung Pay and Apple Pay but the main course is the successor to the V10, LG\’s very own phablet.

Rumored to be coming in the early September rather than October, the apparently new V20 will be a welcome update to the dual screen V10.

While Samsung is on its way releasing limited edition S7\’s for various major events, what about LG? It’s trying to get itself out of a rut made from poor sales of the G5. It has made no bones about naming the G5 as the reason it is changing up its corporate atmosphere. Analysts believe that another high-octane V-series device in September keeps LG in view of consumers between another Note and another iPhone.

No details about the phone just yet, but it’ll be a tall order to innovate on the V10 while keeping what people liked about it.