iPhone 6s is losing sales to Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung flagship may be newer than the iPhone 6s, but the Galaxy S7 is putting up a good fight in 2016 and my put an end to Apple’s domination.

s7 sales winning over 6s

The iPhone is losing ground. On the first quarter of 2016, the world\’s most popular smartphone is finally showing signs of backing off. Kantar Worldpanel only proves this right. The data shows the following, American consumers in particular.

  • 16% buying Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge
  • 14.6% buying iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

In retrospect, the S7 and its curved edge brother, the S7 Edge is newer compared to the iPhone 6s. However, even in this market landscape, Apple typically wins all the time. This year is different.

Second quarter of 2016 has even been a better one for Samsung gaining the biggest share in the US market with 37% to 29% of Apple. In terms of loyalty, both of the companies share the same loyal consumers who would still opt for the brand of their choice. That is 88% for Apple and 86% for Samsung. This figure for Samsung is a great improvement over its history of selling ground breaking new devices but leaving out the customer being valued in its marketing.

The Korean company has made one of its best year because of the improvement in camera quality and user experience. The upcoming release of the Note 7 is still an exciting one, expecting to topple the phablet market or even the tablet space.