Germany can now play Pokemon GO

Servers of Pokemon GO is now flooded with requests from players all over the world dying to play this game. US, Australia and New Zealand, next is Germany.

germany pokemon go

Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm but not all of the world seems to have the chance to play at the moment. Niantic and Nintendo gets a European sweep starting with Germany. Now, Germans can now download Pokemon GO in their iOS or Android device.

It seems a very long time since a game has this impact on the entire gaming and non-gaming community. Flappy Bird may have had this effect but it slowly died down and was never been heard of again. Pokemon GO is more than just a game. It has a great follower of generations who adored the show and the previous Pokemon games.

Although server issues are a big problem, the initial week of the Pokemon Go using the US, Australia and New Zealand servers are just easily patched up and offloaded to new servers in Europe. Germany being the first stop followed by the UK and the rest of Europe as well.