❤ Apple Music vs Spotify



In the same way people argue about iOS over Android, the debate between Apple Music vs Spotify has also grown since 2015. As the music streaming service war starts to bring podcasts and HiFi to the battlefield, are you planning to stay with your current streaming service, or are you considering switching?

Many been using Apple Music since it launched. Even when Apple erased a few times all my library, They didn’t care. Then, when some songs appeared duplicated, They also didn’t mind. Now, Apple Music struggles to show the correct album artwork for some artists and faces some reliability bugs. Should they care now?

On the other hand, they’ve been reporting regularly on all of the changes Spotify is making on its platform. It added podcasts, and the early data shows this has been a success. It also plans to launch a HiFi tier subscription this year and it recently revamped all of its applications.

They used to complain because they didn’t get Spotify’s user interface, but as they started to compare with Apple Music, now they see that they’re very similar. Compare for yourself :



Apple Music










If you compare prices, they’re exactly the same: $9.99/month for an individual tier, $14.99/month for a family subscription, and $4.99/month for a student application. The difference here is that Apple now offers Apple One, so it’s easier to stay with Apple Music because you can also receive iCloud, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+ altogether.

The Individual Apple One plan is $14.95 per month, while the Family plan is $19.95 per month: a really nice deal. On the other hand, Spotify has a free-ad-based version and a Premium Duo, for two people who live together for $12.99/month.

With any of the services, you can get a nice deal depending on your need. But if you’re an Apple kind of person, you may be asking if Spotify can integrate with all your devices. Spotify has an Apple Watch app, a macOS app, and a browser app, but the company does not yet support HomePod integration.

For example: if you enjoy sharing and know what your friends are listening to, you can do that in real-time with Spotify. If you like to combine podcasts and music in the same place, Spotify also supports that. If you want a nice end-of-year recap, Spotify can also do better than Apple Music.