Apple TV discontinued on Google’s big day

Apple silently killed off the Apple TV 3rd Generation from their official site on the same day Google released a bunch of products. Bad timing?


It might be a good timing after all. When’s the best time to kill off an outdated product than on the day a competing company held it’s jam-packed hardware event. That’s what Apple did yesterday when all the world’s attention is on Google.

With a lot of people going through the Apple online store, a lot has noticed a third generation Apple TV finally gone in the list. The Apple TV 3rd-Gen was released way back in March 2012 and it ended officially with some emails sent out to company employees.

While it’s certainly no surprise to see the early 2013-revamped digital media player terminated, some cash-strapped iFans may have trouble going the $150 and up fourth-gen route when its predecessor went for a measly 70 bucks near the end of the retail road.

The newer Apple TVs are far better to this 3rd generation, its aging specs is really getting outdated:

  • single-core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • no user-accessible storage
  • inferior audio
  • no Siri
  • no advanced tvOS software
  • no App Store access

This end may signal the arrival of a fifth-generation Apple TV maybe stepping up to the 4th’s 1080p limitations. With Google’s Chromecast Ultra being able to dish out 4k at a lower price, Apple should really think this through.

For now, let’s pay homage to the fallen, and remind you of no doubt supply-constrained $59 refurbished options.

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