Awesome freebies for Google Pixel pre-orders

If you are pre-ordering the new Google Pixel in the US, chances are you are getting a free Daydream View. Oh, until supplies last only.


Right after Google unveiled their new Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones, it’s gone to pre-orders. This Daydream VR ready device might well be overpriced for some who are used to the old Nexus pricetag, but it’s still a premium smartphone. To make the $650 cost slightly bearable for early adopters of this new device, Google is bundling an $80 Daydream View VR headset to your order.

This is a great move since the only supported smartphone for the moment is the Pixel, giving a Daydream View (the controller and the headset package) for those who pre-ordered makes a lot of sense. You have the latest and greatest Android smartphone with the price of a flagship and you use it to try VR.

This offering however, is only available in the US while supplies last. Google will send a promo code that within 4 weeks of shipping the Pixel phone. This can be redeemed in the Google Store for the free Daydream View bundle. The promo code is good until the end of 2016, so it’s possible that Google plans to run the promo through the end of the year.

At under $80, Google has undercut mobile VR market leader Samsung who offers their latest Gear VR headset for $100. Samsung has committed to creating their own Daydream-ready phone which would be compatible with the Daydream View headset, so we’re still waiting to see how the Daydream and Gear VR platforms will maneuver around one another.

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