Pokemon GO slowly leaving the limelight

The phenomenal mobile augmented reality app of 2016 is destined for a slow demise as Google search queries and rankings plummet. Is it a Pokemon Goodbye?


Pokemon GO may well be going well with Pokemon Goodbye as overall user interest in the game slowly dies down and what\’s even more interesting is its Google search query numbers.

According to Google Trends tool, Pokemon GO is just have 1/10th searches in the week of September 18. That\’s far less when compared to its Peak on the week of July 10.

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, released this phenomenal augmented reality game for iOS and Android and as many as 500 million people have downloaded and played the game. With a revenue of roughly $36.6 billion, it\’s an empire in itself.

However, a slight increase in this relatively slow week for Pokemon GO credited to the update that shows users where they captured a certain Pokemon. Not an increase like it once had but it\’s an increase all the same.

Pokemon GO was the fastest app to earn $500 million in revenue and 500 million downloads over the summer. It was a media sensation with consistent news headlines credited to its name. The pace has slowed down drastically but revenue is still coming.

Last week, Clash Royale surpassed Pokemon GO. This week, Game of War and Mobile Strike are just beating it on both iOS and Android. Machine Zone uses television ads and other marketing techniques to acquire new players. The company has an ongoing marketing campaign that features celebrities. Niantic, on the other hand, has spent a minimal amount on user acquisition.

And The Pokémon Company hyping up the app is not the same as Niantic paying for user acquisition. So in terms of Pokémon Go’s overall health, it is still in a strong position that gives the developer a lot of room to maneuver with either advertising campaigns, regular updates, or cooperative promotions with The Pokémon Company to get players excited all over again.