❤ Best Five Battery Packs


The smartphone world is continuously evolving. To ensure optimum usage, battery packs were brought to the smartphone world and it has been an important accessory for every smartphone user. A battery pack basically allows you to use your phone or any electrical device for a prolonged period of time. Depending on the size, battery packs can enable you to use your smartphone without a traditional power supply for weeks. The market of battery packs can be confounding due to the huge number of options available, but if you are looking to buy one, this article will be of immense help to you.

Samsung Fast Charge 10200mAh External Battery Pack


Samsung Fast Charge 10200mAh External Battery Pack


It’s no surprise that the top position is occupied by a Samsung battery pack. Their amazing contribution to the world of technology continues to surprise us. This battery pack has a 10200 mAh capacity, which is sufficient for a long journey, and if used effectively, an entire week. Samsung has not only provided amazing power storing capacity but also an amazing charging rate. You can charge your phone to 50 percent in roughly 30 minutes thanks to Samsung’s Fast Charge tech! It has a very sleek design, and combined with its lightweight build, you have the perfect travelling companion.

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MyCharge GO series


myCharge Home&Go Portable Charger 4000mAh


MyCharge specializes in battery packs, so you can expect some amazing innovations from them. Charging this battery pack is very convenient due to the fact that it comes with a wall pin system. The integrated Lightning cable it comes with ensures convenient charging. although that makes this battery pack more suited for iPhone users than Android users. A compact design ensures that carrying it around is no trouble. This is a 4000 mAh battery pack which is relatively low, but given its compactness, it makes perfect sense.

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Samsung Universal 3100mAh Portable External Battery Charge


Samsung Universal 3100mAh Portable External Battery Charger


Another Samsung power pack in the category, but this battery isn’t here for its sheer charging capacity but for its extraordinary mobility. Packing a 3100 mAh cell, this battery pack is extremely compact and lightweight — that means travelling with it is no trouble at all. You can easily carry it around with you all day without putting the slightest effort. This battery pack is also amazingly versatile, hence the word universal in the name: It can charge any device that can be charged with a USB cable. Its charging speed is also quite impressive.

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Anker PowerCore Slim 5000


Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 mAh


Although Anker is fairly new in the mobile accessory industry, the Anker PowerCore stands out from the rest due to its extremely sleek and lightweight design. Believe us when I say this power pack is beautiful! A brushed surface design gives it the premium look and feel that you normally see in very expensive power packs. This power pack is very cheap, though. Normally, power packs of this size hold up to 4000 mAh at best, but surprisingly enough, the Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 delivers a staggering 5000 mAh. This power pack is definitely worth looking into.

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Mophie PowerStation Mini Plus


mophie powerstation Plus Mini


Another power pack which stands out due to its mobility and competitive pricing. Mophie always falls behind in the power pack competition of due to cumbersome casings, but they avoided this mistake in the Mophie PowerStation Mini Plus. It comes with a USB to lightning converter so you can expect an amazing charging rate no matter what device you’re trying to charge. Apart from that, Mophie is a trusted name in the power pack industry, so you can also expect a long-lasting product. Last but not the least, the aluminum finish provides an excellent premium feel to it. This is one of the best power packs for its price.

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The title of best power pack is, at the end of the day, open to judgement. This is because many power packs stand out due to one or two of their distinct features. The best power pack for you will be the one that meets your needs. For instance, if you travel a lot then you might want a 10000 mAh power pack. If you are looking to carry around your power pack everyday, the 3000 mAh compact power packs are suitable for you. I hope you found this article helpful and may you find the best power pack for your needs.