Can I Still Get My Mobile Phone Repaired During #Lockdown in Sydney ?

Can I Still Get My Mobile Phone Repaired During Lockdown? | Sydney CBD Repair Centre

Hello guys, this is Glen from Sydney CBD Repair Centre.

Can I still get my mobile phone repaired during lockdown in Australia? We’ll…

Let me start by saying that it is not worth it to go outside to have your mobile phone fixed if you’re a high risk or even an unvaccinated person that could be easily infected with COVID-19. So please, if it’s not that urgent or you still have a spare smartphone you can use for the meantime. Please stay at home.

However, if you think it is urgent and important to have your smartphone repaired, please contact our repair shop. It’s Sydney CBD Repair Centre. This is our phone number just in case you can’t reach us on Facebook or Instagram.

So, Can I still get my smartphone repaired during lockdown? YES!

According to guidelines. Certain businesses are allowed to be open to provide essential products and services. This obviously includes shops that predominantly carry out repairs of mobile phones.

Businesses providing essential products and services that can be open include


Other businesses that are allowed to be open include supermarkets, grocery stores, petrol stations, banks, post offices and drycleaners.

Should you be worried about the repair personnel that will handle your smartphones inside the repair shop?

Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team had COVID-19 Negative Test Results and Got Vaccinated.

Rest assured that workers within Sydney CBD Repair Centre that deals with repairs and inquiries are all tested for COVID-19 and are fully vaccinated.

Here’s our repair technician, David, having his vaccine. Look how happy he is. He’s the one you see fixing smartphones in our Youtube channel and Facebook. Our receptionists and other technicians are also tested negative and are vaccinated.

Always keep in mind that your safety is our top priority.

We’ll continue fixing your smartphones to help you in this trying times.

Thank you for watching, guys. Till next time. Cheers!



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