🦠 How Many Coronavirus Cases Are In Australia? [UPDATE]

The Current State of Coronavirus in Australia

Total Cases:

As at 09:00 hrs on 5 March 2020, we have 52 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), including 2 deaths in Australia.

  • 22 in New South Wales
  • 1 in Northern Territory
  • 8 in Queensland
  • 4 in South Australia
  • 1 in Tasmania
  • 6 in Victoria
  • 10 associated with Diamond Princess

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Further details:

  • 15 of the initially reported cases in Australia all had a direct or indirect travel history to Wuhan, China
  • 10 cases are associated with the Diamond Princess cruise ship repatriation flight from Japan
    • 1 of the Diamond Princess repatriated cases sadly died
  • 12 cases are reported to have had a direct or indirect travel history to Iran
  • 6 cases are reported to have had a travel history to countries including Singapore, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and South Korea
  • 6 cases did not have a reported history of overseas travel, with 4 of these cases associated with an aged care facility in NSW and the remaining 2 cases reported as health care workers at other health care facilities in NSW
    • 1 aged care facility resident in NSW has sadly died
  • the source of infection for the remaining 3 cases is currently under investigation

Of the total cases reported, 22 of these cases are reported to have recovered. Sadly 2 people have died.

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