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Hey, we heard you got your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra display shattered? You need a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen repair. Our pro technician will give you a proven and tested Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen repair. The same people who fix iPhones and Android smartphones will get your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra back into working order in no time.

Is it worth it to have a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen repair for a very affordable smartphone? Of course, it is! Less trash is thrown into the environment while saving you money. What’s not to like?!


Tips For Ensuring You Get The Best Service When Repairing Your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra If you own a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you know how important it is to keep your device working properly. Unfortunately, due to its complexity, things can go wrong. When this happens, it’s important to get the best service when repairing your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Here are some tips for ensuring that you receive the best service possible when repairing your device:

1. Do Your Research – Before taking your device to a repair shop for servicing, it’s important to do your research on the various options available.

Check out reviews from customers who have already had their devices serviced at each shop and make sure that they have a good reputation for quality work. Also make sure to compare prices so you can get the best deal possible for the services you require.


2. Choose an Authorized Service Provider – It’s always best to choose an authorized service provider when getting repairs done on any electronic device like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

This will ensure that all work is covered by warranty and that any parts used in the repair are genuine Samsung parts rather than knock-off or third-party components which could compromise the performance and reliability of your device over time.


3. Identify The Issue Before You Visit The Shop – Before visiting a repair shop,

try and identify what exactly is wrong with your phone so that they can diagnose and fix it quickly upon arrival at their store. This will save both time and money as they won’t need to conduct any diagnostic tests onsite before starting repairs which could cost extra depending on their policies.


4 . Have The Necessary Backup Ready – Make sure you have all necessary backups of personal data stored on your phone before taking it in for repairs

as there’s no guarantee that everything will be preserved throughout the process of fixing whatever issue may be present with your phone . It’s also wise to have all passwords saved somewhere safe if required during servicing in order for technicians to access certain features or settings as needed depending on what needs repaired . Having these backups ready before visiting a repair shop can often save time as well since technicians won’t need spend extra time finding solutions if those backups weren’t available beforehand .


5 . Follow Up After Repairs – After leaving a repair shop , make sure to follow up with them after some time has passed just in case there are any issues with their work or if something wasn’t fixed correctly during servicing .

This way , any issues can be addressed quickly without having to take multiple trips back and forth between yourself and the repair shop which would otherwise waste precious time trying resolve whatever problems may arise after repairs were completed originally . Following these tips should ensure that you receive the best service possible when repairing your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra device so you can enjoy using it without experiencing any further problems down the road .



hello guys this is Glenn from Sydney CBD

repair center and today we have a

Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra and it’s got a

broken display and David is going to fix

it for us

so let’s get to it


so today David is gonna fix this

Smartphone by replacing the entire

display and as you can see it’s fairly

brand new

the display is still working but on the

bottom you can see that there’s a small


it’s a small one but it’s it can’t

propagate and it can cause a lot of

issues when you use the device

and David is well known for his


exploits and

fixing Samsung Galaxy smartphones

because he’s well known for to be the

Galaxy expert here in the shop

and this one is no problem for him

so this is your latest I think at the

time of recording the latest uh Galaxy

Flagship device the s23 ultra it’s

better because you can

see the name Ultra on the name

so it’s bigger and better

as we remove the back cover we can see

that there’s a lot of cameras camera



and Camera sensors in the back

and now we can see the screws on the

housing itself


next up we’re going to remove all these

screws there’s a lot of them so we’re

gonna fast forward to this vertigious


so these are like

electronic electric


are very handy to make the job faster

although you can still do it with your

manual screwdrivers

and now we can see that you can easily

remove parts once those screws are off

the housing

we will also remove all the connectors

to the main board you can see the top

one is the main board and underneath


curves squiggly flat cables is the


and underneath the battery are the

daughter boards

and the best thing about Flagship

models from Samsung is their ease of

this assembly you can just remove the


easily you can see that the main board

is off and now we are gonna detach some

Flex cables as well

and now we can pull the battery using

this plastic pull tab

it’s very sticky so

David has put a lot of effort pulling

that one out

I’m also going to remove this plastic

adhesive tape for the battery

because we’re gonna reuse it on the

replacement display


so I present to you the replacement

display slash housing so when you

replace the screen on your Galaxy s23

Ultra you’re also replacing the side

portion of the device

so if you have a lot of scratches there

you can take this time to maybe refresh

your s23 Ultra make it look brand new

from the side and from the front

all the components that we have removed

from the previous damage display will be

transplanted here so it’s just the

reverse process

so we’re gonna put all the main board of

the battery connector and the daughter


and unlike other smartphones we can’t

really know for sure if this one is

working unless we finish the reassembly


so this is going to be the first time

we’re gonna know if the smartphone is

even working with this replacement



we are now about to finish screwing


and that’s

turn it on

it’s turning on pretty nice

so if you have the same issue with your

Galaxy s23 Ultra you don’t have the

warranty from Samsung or Samsung

stores that you visited

quotes you very high rates

then you can visit Sydney CBD repair

center we can do the same job

for Less

very reasonable rates

you can see one of our samples here

is a proof that David can do no wrong

he’s the Galaxy expert

and this one

is fully fixed

looks brand new already

look at that beautiful beautiful

side by side with the old one

and I hope you enjoyed this guys don’t

forget to like And subscribe we’ll see

you again next time you take care


if you want your smartphone fixed for a

very reasonable price you may contact

Sydney’s CBD repair center

we also provide mail-in repair services

for customers outside of Australia or

Sydney just message us so we can arrange

the shipping of your device







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