Galaxy Note Edge: Exclusive photos

As we saw from the Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is another first-of-its-kind device. Even though the side display is a unique concept, it is stylish yet familiar. But of course, the Galaxy Edge brings a uniquely enhanced usability as well, especially so as it let’s you take full advantage of its Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen. We at Samsung Tomorrow had a chance to take a look at it. And now so do you:

Galaxy-Note-Edge-24-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-23-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-22-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-21-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-20-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-19-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-18-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-17-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-16-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-15-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-14-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-13-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-12-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-11-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-10-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-9-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-8-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-7-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-6-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-5-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-4-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-3-651x424 Galaxy-Note-Edge-2-651x424